Selection of each GRAAVAA Stone

Each product has been sourced by our expert team of geologists who have in the past sourced millions of square meters of material for prestigious projects around the world. With an eye on quality and variety, the teams of geologists scour the globe to source unseen varieties of natural stone from countries such as India, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Madagascar, Spain etc.

The logistics team then takes over, and codifies all data in a standardized format, by way of a bar code, to capture details such as quality, color, dimensions and country of origin of each product to provide easy access and assurance to the final buyer in making the purchase decision. A first in India, the standardization of characteristics of the product ensures transparency, integrity and accuracy of information. This information can be retrieved from any showroom across the country and each product visualized virtually. A design platform, available in the showroom, shall provide a template to visually see the end product in use in the desired form, for instance the customer can see how the Travertine from Turkey shall look on a kitchen counter top or how the best quality of Perlato Sicilia Marble from Italy shall look on the floor of a bedroom. For assistance, the trained knowledgeable staffs are available, who have been attuned to the whole process beginning with the extraction of stone from the quarry and then processing it on the state of the art Italian Machinery to be finally brought to the showroom. Our Services Business Team will also ensure that after selection and product finalization is complete, material will be delivered and installed at the customer site by highly trained expert installers, ensuring precision and visual appeal at all stages.

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