Products & Services


The conventional methodology of delivery of natural stones is in large pieces called slabs (unpolished or polished) in various sizes predominant of which are cutter and gangsawsizes. Slabs are normally bought by customers who have their own cutting, polishing and installation labour on site.


Ready to install, pre polished, chamfered & calibrated tiles – offer ease of use as they can be installed straight out of the box. Available in various thicknesses and sizes the tiles can be used for wall cladding or for flooring requirements.

Customised Orders

All requirements of natural stone can be customized as per customer needs, tiles can be processed in a particular color, size, finish, thickness etc. Similarly, specific requirements such as counter tops customized to your needs can be provided in the shape, color and size of your choice. In fact there are no bounds to customization, our in house designer will help you create designs and patterns to suit your taste. For specific colors which we might not have in stock, we can source it for you within a defined lead time from anywhere in the world.

Turnkey Projects

From quarry to floor or any other application, we can source, process, install and maintain natural stone at your premises as per designs provided to us.

Large Projects

Outside of retail, our parent company has the expertise of handling large global projects such as Hotels, Airports, and Universities. GRAAVAA shall put you in touch with our projects team for any large scale enquiry.