About Us

“To Provide to the discerning customer, a new experience in the purchase of natural stone. To provide variety, quality and assurance in a knowledge & technology driven environment & establish GRAAVAA as a leading brand in natural stone.”

An ancient Sanskrit word, GRAAVAA means a stone or rock that glitters. Like it’s meaning, GRAAVAA for us epitomizes natural stone that comes from the womb of mother earth in its purest form. Painstakingly sourced from around the globe, the natural stone passes through stringent quality checks before it is included in the GRAAVAA product range.

The end result is a technology driven, knowledgeable and transparent environment built on years of expertise in natural stone quarrying, processing, sourcing and execution of large orders.

GRAAVAA beckons you to experience ‘The Language of Natural Stone’…


Natural Stone

Defining a stone as a ‘bad stone’ is generally a fundamental mistake. However it might occur because of inappropriate selection of a stone type for a particular application and some expectations from the stone type in the given application.

Traditionally granite has been used for flooring, exterior claddings, pavements. The major reason for this has been that the fabricators found the ease of workability in other softer stones like, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc. However with the change in technology and availability of fabricating tools, Granite has become popular for other varieties (apart from counter tops) of indoor applications too. Another advantage of Granite is the array of exciting colors which cater to a wide spectrum of consumers. Its inherent strength, high resistance to abrasion and many such factors make Granite, one of GRAAVAA’s top pick for table tops.

Before buying a stone, research extensively and be assured that the stone type would behave and perform in the particular application as per your expectation.


Pearl Mineral Group

GRAAVAA is the retail foray of Pearl Mineral. Pearl has natural stone quarrying operations across various states in India and has supplied stone for prestigious International and Indian projects such as the Singapore Airport, Amity University, Uppal Builders and Essar Group to name a few. With established expertise of over 25 years in Quarrying, Processing and Sourcing, Pearl’s initiative of GRAAVAA shall leverage on this expertise to deliver quality products with in-depth knowledge of natural stone from ‘Quarry to Floor‘. This in-depth knowledge or ‘The Language of Natural Stone’ is what sets GRAAVAA apart as a preferred destination for requirement of natural stone for residences, commercial spaces, retail outlets and projects.